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Kostroma region history

Kostroma 1841г.
In the 15th century, two principalities were located on the territory of the present Kostroma region - Kostroma and Galich. During the Time of Troubles, both Kostroma and Galich were ravaged by the Polish and Lithuanian troops. In the mid 17th century, Kostroma was the fourth important town of the Russian state.
Province on the map 1822
For the first time the territory of the present region was divided during the reign of Peter the Great. In 1797, Paul I abolished Vladimir and Kostroma general-governorship, Kostroma gubernia (province) was formed, which existed until 1917. Kostroma became the center of the province, which accelerated its economic and cultural development.
City embankment 1910
The end of the 18th - the first half of the 19th centuries is considered to be the highest point in cultural development (architecture, painting, literature) not only of Kostroma but also the towns of Galich, Nerekhta, Soligalich. Architectural landmarks built in the classicist style at the time are the decoration of the central parts of these towns today.

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